Candy Apples
Fresh Strawberries become candied under a thin, toasty sugary shell of sweet & juicy awesomeness! Visit for this and many, many other goodies!
How to Melt Chocolate
How to Melt Chocolate - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am Pascal Dionot with Classic Cooking Academy. Melting Chocolate. Well first of all we have two kinds of chocolate. The real chocolate that has four ingredients, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar and vanilla.
Make Your Own: Hershey's Chocolate Syrup
Homemade Hershey's chocolate syrup without HFCS, preservatives, chemicals and extra crap. Tastes just like the real deal, maybe even better. Just plain ole cocoa powder, sugar, water, some vanilla and salt. It really is that easy!
How to Make Chocolate Sauce
Who doesn't love chocolate? Gail Monoghan, Off Duty Contributor, demonstrates how you can make homemade chocolate sauce in a little as 10 min you won't feel guilty because it's low fat.
Mrs. Prindable's with the Hungry Hound on ABC7 News
Uploaded by MrsPrindables on 2010-12-19.
Coris Candy Apple DIY Japanese Candy Kit
Candy Apples! I get to make a new Coris kit that makes little candy apples with colored candy sprinkles. Buy Here ▶ Lucky Penny Thoughts: This is the last kit in our Coris DIY kit series.
No-Mess Caramel Apples? Let's try it! - Crafty Mom's Weekly Challenge - Episode 12
Is there a fall treat more tempting than caramel apples? What if you could make them without the drippy, sticky mess?! Kat's trying out Pinterest's best to see if there's a way to improve on yummy perfection. Is it a win, or a fail?!
Disneyland Food!!!
Hope I didn't get you guys too hungry;) In celebration of Disneyland's 56th Birthday! [July 17th 2011] 56 years and you're still the happiest place on Earth♥ Well, I'm a Disney Fanatic & one thing I especially LOVE about it is the food!
How to Make Candy Apples Video - Candy
How to Make Candy Apples Video - Candy, How to Make Candy Apples Video - Candy, Candy apples are a classic treat that are quite easy to make. This video from will teach you the steps for making your own candy apples.
Delicious caramel apples
There is an old fashion candy store in Door County that makes some amazing caramel apples. They dip them in M&Ms, nuts and drizzle them with chocolate. They have other goodies as well.